A Quiet Place (2018)

The audience is introduced to a “post alien invasion” world where pretty much no-one apart from the main family (and a hobo or two) have survived. From the outset (and film title), it’s clear that “making a noise will get you killed”, so everything said and done in whisper, or hand gestures.

The film itself centres around the family and their children, the eldest being a young, deaf girl, and their own private battle against these blind, but extremely good at hearing alien invaders. Things get interesting when we find out that – a year after family tragedy – the mother is pregnant again. Now any woman who’s had a baby, or at least has watched “One Born Every Minute” will know that labour isn’t exactly a quite time…

Focusing on “being quiet”, it added great little touches, like making paths of sand to absorb foot impact noises, as well as adding a bit of science as to how sound actually works, which I thought was a nice touch. It’s slow moving, and focuses more on the emotional stresses that living under complete fear every moment of every day can put on you, but at the same time, showed that love, and indeed life, can still go on…as long as you’re careful.

the review

I loved the premise of this film. I can barely keep quiet for a minute, so trying to empathise with the characters’ lives was as interesting as it was emotional!

The film started out well, it doesn’t mess about and throws you straight into plot so that you understand exactly what’s going on. I guess this is because the trailers, etc. don’t give that much away, so you’re kinda going into the film “blind”. The child actors are just as impressive as the adults, and to be fair, it’s pretty amazing to watch.¬†However (and I know I’ve watched a lot of films), but there was a moment in the film where it all kinda goes south, and unfortunately doesn’t pick up from there. It just feels like the story writers wanted to leave early on the Friday, and rushed to finish it in the most obvious (and ridiculous) way. It’s an innovative film and really deserved better. #endrant

All-in-all, a great premise of a film, but let down badly from about an hour in (it’s 93 minutes long). And, by the way, this is definitely¬†not a horror.

who should see it?

If you liked “The Happening”, then this is definitely for you (it also had an ending that sucked), or you’re just interested with no quips about what you watch.