Black Panther (2018)

The film is set in the fictional African nation of Wakanda where, many years ago, a giant rock from outer space crash landed and gave all the trees and pretty much everything else special powers. To ensure the 5 tribes of Wakanda play nice, the Black Panther was born to bring peace and stability to the land and it’s people – minus the grumpy mountain bunch who didn’t fancy it.

Years later, the people of Wakanda learnt how to harvest this power and they built a great futuristic city, with technology that batman would wet himself just thinking about.

Introduce the bad guy – there’s a dude that “apparently” tried to steal this cool alien rock stuff but whilst trying to do so caused mayhem and killed a few good guys at the same time. Cue the legendary grudge between the nation of Wakanda and their public enemy number one.

But, this is only part of the story. The secondary baddie (we’ll call him Dave) is the key, and after a while you begin to understand the connection between him, the nation of Wakanda and why he’s so miffed.

The rest of the story basically revolves around him getting back at the nation of Wakanda and primarily the big dude in charge, aka The Black Panther.

the review

Ok, so I’m a big Marvel film fan. I’ve watched a the films (in order), listened (and sometimes believed) all the hype and was genuinely looking forward to the latest addition to the Marvel film universe.

The film itself is pretty good, the storyline was compelling and I did feel sucked into the movie. However…it just lacked depth, some of the CGI just looked odd, and I left just feeling a bit “meh”. Don’t get me wrong, a great film in its own right, but within the Marvel universe and compared to some of the grittier films (Captain America trilogy, Iron Man 2, etc.) it just didn’t have the same punch.

who should see it?

Definitely a must-see if you’re planning to watch Avengers: Infinity War, or you’re getting up to date on your Marvel films. Otherwise, save it for when you’re at a loose end.