Downsizing (2018)

To combat over-population and the stresses that people are putting on Earth’s resources, scientists have come up with a way of miniaturising people, thus reducing the amount of space and required aresources

the review

I was really looking forward to watching this. Granted, the whole “miniature people” genre has been done before, but as this was set against a backdrop of the environment and financial challenges that we’re all currently facing in today’s world, it peaked my interest as to how they would introduce the “miniaturisation” process.

It started off slowly, with an introduction to the main character and his life that hasn’t really turned out the way he’d planned it. It maintains this slowness as we explore the relationship with his wife, and the effects that financial and family burden have placed on them both. Skipping a bit, we’re introduced to the whole “Downsizing” process which, on the face of it, is the saviour of mankind, and quite possibly the Earth itself.

However, the pace of the film just never picks up and I really struggled to see where this film wanted to fit in. It wanted to deal with environmental issues, economic stresses, and family burdens, but did none of these with any real vigour. Instead, it kinda raised them in one scene, then dropped them like a wet-fart in the next. Unfortunately, this was the first film that I have EVER walked out halfway through. Disappointing to say the least.

– Caveat: I cannot review the ending as I never made it that far. It may have been awesome…I just couldn’t deal with the potential “death-from-boredom” that may have ensued if I’d continued watching past half-way!

who should watch it?

Die-hard Matt Damon fans, or those not bothered with wasting 2 hours of their life watching a pointless film.