Geostorm (2017)

Set in the very near future, environmental threats have appeared all across the planet killing thousands of people, and so, as a result of all this death and mayhem a system of satellites is developed by Jake Lawson (Gerard Butler) called “Dutch Boy” to essentially disband any bad weather that forms on Earth. Unfortunately, being the bad-boy that Lawson is, he’s kicked off the team, with his brother Max being handed the reins – not good for a family relationship.

Three years later, Dutch Boy starts to misbehave, and it’s up to Lawson to figure out why. Having travelled into space to the maintenance centre, he soon finds out that things are not all that they seem, and the consequences of the events occurring in space can and will have massive effects down on Earth. It’s then up to him to leave it until the very last second to save the day (and the world) from the powers that were meant to be trusted.

the review

There was a lot of hype about Geostorm, but essentially this is like most action-esque films, where character depth is replaced by science-fiction and explosions. Not that that’s a bad thing, and indeed it does suit Gerard Butler’s acting remit. The relationship between him and his onscreen brother is over-amplified so that it’s quite obvious that there’s a rift there, however you know, as with all films like this, that they would still do anything for each other should the time come.

I would say this is neither a good film, nor a bad film. It certainly won’t win any awards for screenplay, acting or originality, but it is still a very enjoyable watch, even if the ending can probably be predicted after about 5 minutes in!

who should watch it?

If you liked The Day After Tomorrow, or any sort of natural disaster movie, then this is definitely for you. It also plays along the same sort of lines as Olympus Has Fallen (again with Butler).