Predestination (2014)

Predestination is a film whose plot is incapable of being regaled without at least one persons head exploding. With that said – and for the safety of the readers – I’m not even going to try…

the review?

Holy cow-berries, this film is one of the weirdest conceived movies I have ever watched (and I’ve seen Vanilla Sky), but I have to admit I totally loved it. I would have loved to be a fly on the wall when the directors went to the movie companies to try and explain what this film is! I can only assume a lot of sideways glances and “don’t worry, it’ll be fine” comments were made!

Above its weirdly conceived plot, Predestination is a very, very clever film. Warning, it will give you brain damage if you a) watch it and try to make sense of it, and b) try to explain it to anyone else who hasn’t watched it…but I think that’s actually part of the allure of it. It’s a dark film too that focuses on social divides, making “time-travel” part of the background rather than the life-and-soul of the movie. Also, it’s not like other time-travelling films (Terminator, etc.) where holes can be picked – it really covers itself well in that respect – but instead it pans the story out feeding you tid-bits so that your brain doesn’t explode. Although the ending was “possibly” obvious, it still (honestly) made me gasp – hand covering mouth – which films rarely do nowadays.

who should watch it?

There’s really no other films that compare (that spring to mind at least), unless possibly “Mr Nobody”, so if you liked that, then I think you’d like this too. I personally feel that more people should give this film a chance, but realistically many will either switch off halfway through, or take one read of the synopsis and not even bother. Take a leap of faith!