Professor Marston and the Wonder Women (2017)

Professor Marston, not yet famed as being the creator of “Wonder Woman”, lives with his wife and works as psychology lecturer at the local university. It’s here where he meets and becomes fascinated with a female student, and between the three of them, begin a relationship that inspires the creation of the now infamous “Wonder Woman”.

the review

So this film was a real eye-opener for me. Having read the tagline about how “Wonder Woman” actually came about, my interest was totally peaked, and after watching this, I was definitely not disappointed.

After watching the film, it’s hard to explain exactly how “Wonder Woman” was borne in an era where showing a bit of skin would’ve seen you sent to jail, or at the very least socially outcast, so the relationship between Professor Marston, his wife and his student is all the more amazing as it actually happened. Added to that the political and social disruptions of the time, you build up a picture that everything that was done, was done in secrecy, which in itself must’ve been a heavy burden to bear, but only adds to the intrigue of the film and the characters themselves.

The acting is spot on and you get a real feel that every scene, gesture and word spoken is done so with purpose. You can’t help but empathise with each character and understand their personal as well as “family” struggles between doing what they believe – a notion that essentially unpins the film – and what society demands of them. It’s something that, even in this day-and-age, we can all empathise with.

A thoroughly enjoyable, worthwhile watch.

who should watch this?

Being biographical, it’s probably not for everyone, but I would definitely suggest giving it a go. It’s enlightening.